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Telecommunication Services
E-Net Solutions Inc. has a customer-centric approach to providing end to end solutions, driven towards a higher standard of quality and continuous improvement in all active operations and maintenance. We practice creating the highest level of efficiency possible in order to balance costs with revenue to maximize net operating profit and execute large-scale projects across CANADA, implementing most of the leading brand’s equipment such as Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung. All these implementations include New Networks, SWAP, Expansions and upgrading of existing projects. 
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AMC(Annual Maintenance Contract)

Our comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Proposal is created for your need to improve the lifespan of all your assets so that you can manage your business stress-free. This contract include service, maintenance ,support,finding spares and repair.

2G/3G/LTE Technologies

We provide an end-to-end solutions for RF and Network design fro their optimized implementation.

  • Swapping / upgrading the existing Telecom System into advanced technology.
  • Installation & de-installation and commissioning of 2G/3G/LTE equipment.

  • Acceptance testing of 2G/3G/LTE equipment.

  • Technical site survey.

  • Pre-installation planning and site design.

  • Equipment installation and commissioning.

  • VSWR measurement and rectification.

  • RF & transmission planning and network designs.

  • RF & Transmission surveys.

  • RF optimization of new and existing networks.

  • KPI analysis of whole networks on daily basis.

4g enet
Telecom Solutions enet

OFC(Optical Fibre Cable)

  • Overall maintenance and fault rectifications of their network.
  • Operation & maintenance of OFC network with Rectifications of Degraded faulty fibers.
  • Planning & survey of Optical fiber cable route.
  • Fiber-Related Activities like Trenching , Duct laying, Blowing , Splicing etc.
  • O&M of copper cables.
  • Installation of fault repair of the wireless and wired broadband network.
  • Site survey of new and existing networks.
  • Swapping/ cut-over of broadband networks.

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